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WELL Summit is a life-changing wellness conference for wellness enthusiasts, professionals and entrepreneurs. Founded by Gianne Doherty in 2015, WELL Summit is the leading women’s wellness conference in the U.S., built on the belief that wellness should be a 360-degree conversation. Our goal with each Summit is to inform and educate, providing attendees with actionable takeaways they can apply to their lives while introducing them to experts they can trust.

With an emphasis on education, WELL Summit provides a 360-degree perspective on wellness through our thought-provoking panels and interactive breakout sessions. We look for industry-leading, thoughtful, fascinating speakers to educate, empower and illuminate our community at our nationally-recognized Summit.

WELL Summit seeks to cover a wide range of topics related to wellness, with all content fitting into one of our three conference tracks:

Please Note: We have multiple events throughout the year and we consider speakers who have availability for any one of our calendar dates and who have content that fits our criteria and needs for each event.

Business of Wellness

Dynamic experts showcase specifics on building your business. Examples from previous Summits include:

  • Make Your Inner Shadow Your Game Changer: How to Build Your Business By Engaging Your Weaknesses: This session is a down and dirty opportunity to dive into your areas of weakness, revealing deeper messages from your "inner shadow" to quickly, decisively fuel growth in your business. Running a business doesn’t always turn out like you envision, and hiring an “expert” to supplement the areas where you lack isn’t always an option. Instead of ignoring your weaknesses, this session will teach you how to embrace them to teach you to build an even stronger company. Each participant will complete a short vision statement, and you’ll walk away with a workbook to enable to you to use all you learned as a springboard for growth. Come prepared to journal, dive deep and share openly, so we can all learn from each other.
  • Mental Health for Entrepreneurs: Shine Bright Without Burning Out: In this session designed specifically for entrepreneurs, a psychotherapist will teach you how to identify, prevent and heal from the dreaded burnout. You’ll learn how to perform a life satisfaction assessment, practice utilizing the FOCUSING method to cultivate internal awareness and create a personal self-care management and emergency plan for when burnout is approaching. Mental health is key to the success of you and you are the key to the success of your business—let us help you thrive!

Foundations of Wellness

Explores the foundations of health. Examples from previous Summits include:

  • 360 Degrees of Wellness: Sustainability as a Mindfulness Practice: "Fewer, but better quality" is a prominent adage that has guided mindfulness and sustainable living practices for decades. In this session, author and sustainability advocate Ashlee Piper will help you uncover small shifts that are not only better for the planet, but also help you live in the present with mindfulness. These steps will also help to unburden, and teach you to release attention, money and time, living into your values for 360 degrees of wellness.
  • Getting Out of Your Head: How Better Communication Can Deepen Your Relationships: The path to personal sovereignty begins by cutting the emotional cords that tether us to expectations, limitations and complications often bestowed to us by our parents. Are you ready to be free of old thought patterns that mess with your relationships now? Let's workshop. Vanessa Linsey shares stories and practical tools that will help you grow into your own power, and take the reins of how you communicate to deepen your relationships and find freedom. You'll leave with insight on your limiting beliefs, and step-by-step Mindful Communication skills.

Living Well

A deeper dive deeper into green, sustainable living, beauty, fitness, mindfulness. Examples from previous Summits include:

  • How to Clear Your Chakras and Manifest What You Want In Life: Discover what's holding you back from your best life by understanding and connecting with your seven chakras, the centers of spiritual power in the body. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how use your chakras to manifest what you want in life, to identify chakra imbalances and to clear them—all on your own.
  • Creating Malas and Miracles with Satya: In her fun, inspiring manifestation and meditation workshop, Satya Scainetti, founder of Satya Jewelry, will lead you first through the sacred art of mala making—and then demonstrate how malas can be used in a daily practice to help manifest real miracles. Creating your personal mala will work to open your heart and serve as a talisman for your individual empowerment and well-being. Each attendee will leave the workshop with a one-of-a-kind mala bracelet that they are encouraged to use for a 40-day meditation. The session also includes a guided meditation led by Satya herself.

This year, we’re interested in wellness topics that cover: Foundational Wellness, Beauty, Ayurveda, Building a Wellness Business, Nutrition, Financial Wellness, Empowerment, Mind, Body and Spirit, Women's Health/Cycles, Healthy Home, Mental Health, Motherhood and all aspects of living WELL.

Speaker Compensation

  • A complimentary VIP ticket to WELL Summit
  • Special VIP Speaker Swag Bag
  • Bio & picture on our speaker page
  • Feature on and on WELL Summit’s social media
  • Affiliate opportunities for WELL Summit ticket sales

In alignment with most conference protocol, no travel expenses or hotel accommodations are offered.

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